Learn GraphQL

Explore these topics to build a solid understanding of core GraphQL concepts like schemas, types, and queries. When you're ready, head over to the Tutorials section to reinforce your knowledge with hands-on activities!

GraphQL Basics

What is GraphQL?

The what and why of GraphQL: Using types, fields, and the Query to transform the way we request data

The Query

Asking for data is like asking a question: the Query type, which governs everything we can ask for in a GraphQL service, is the best tool for the job.

Introducing Types

Types are the building blocks of GraphQL. They help us understand the kind of data we have, and what we can do with it.

Scalars, Objects, and Lists

From basic values to more complex objects, design your data capabilities from the ground up


Create more accurate and expressive types by configuring field-by-field nullability

Querying between Types

Model and query traversable relationships between object types


What can we query? What kind of data can we expect? The schema—our graph's source of truth—has the answers.


Create a set of options—and constrain your fields to return just one—using the enumeration type.

Interfaces & Unions

Learn about the abstract types that bring organization, consistency, and clarity to our schema


We can query the graph for everything, just a few things, or something in particular. With arguments, the choice is ours!


The power to create, update, and delete brings interactions with our data to new heights.

GraphQL Platform


Performance, Scalability, Security, Monitoring. Learn how make your GraphQL API production ready with the Apollo GraphOS platform.

GraphQL Architecture

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